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Our Story

“By People for Peoples”

This is the motto of MUN Society. Since last 15 years MUN Society is working with full dedication for Medical treatment and rehabilitation of mental deranged people, who live their life helpless in hospitals, at any corner of road in dirt, unknowingly eating from garbage.

Mun Society started working in 2006. By blessing of Shri Ravi Shankar ji and with great support of Art of Living foundation established and registered as a Mental Upliftment Need Society in 2009, May 25.


You will found many men & women wandering on road, no sense of cloths, hair, half naked, what to eat, what to talk, like they are not a part of this world. They pass their days and night with no food, no cloths and even no place to stay. But the worst part is no one looks at them, just leave the care. No one come forward to give them what they need. They are also a human being. So what if they mentally unfit or ill. They also need care, love and more than a normal human being.

Mission of MUN Society is to provide medical treatment, appropriate care and Rehabilitation of all mentally ill or deranged patients. Many patients are already being rehabilitate or rejoin them with their family after medical treatment and care. We also request to all people in society that please do not ignore them, just help them. If you find such a person who is not in a position to help himself, Call us, we will provide them medical treatment, we will try to find his family / relative. If patients is not able to give any information about any one, we will take help from govt official for their rehabilitation.

Objective of MUN Society are as follows:

  1. Care and rehabilitation of mental patients who are wandering aimlessly on street.
  2. Provide freedom from illness and medical treatment to mentally deranged person and the appropriate efforts to uplift their lives.
  3. Reuniting these patients to their families who have long thought of them as lost or even dead and entrusting their care with the ones who love these patients
  4. Work for spiritual and mental development for everyone in society.
  5. Providing support in education and employment of needy and handicappedą„°
  6. Work towards health awareness and the stress-free life of society by various efforts
  7. Help to all handicapped / helpless human being or animals.

Our Inspiration

Shri shri Ravishankar